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Customers are too important not to be rewarded in every sales channel they use, and their data are too valuable not to be recorded and analysed.

We help our Clients successfully setup their Digital Loyalty solution or migrate their existing  physical solutions   so their Customers are rewarded whenever they shop across all sales channels and their transactions captured to establish personalised engagement.


ECHO ™ is a cloud based solution for Retailers and Manufacturers recruit, manage and retain Customers. ECHO integrates:

  • Customers and Points Management

  • Loyalty Cards

  • Coupons

  • Campaigns Management

  • Social Media links

  • Gamifiaction

ECHO ™ works best when integrated with ULYS CRM Customer Analytics.

What Makes ECHO ™ the best Digital Loyalty solution for Retailers

  • Simple and easy to use for Customers and Teams

  • Wallet Base App

  • Merchant App available for B2B

  • Powerful Campaign Management

  • Manages Push, SMS or Email 

  • Advanced Campaign Analytics

  • SDK available for easy online on in-App integration

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How can  ECHO ™ help Retain and Grow Loyal Customers

  • Personalized Customer Segments built in ULYS CRM can be directly integrated in Campaigns

  • Manage Several Offers 

  • Managed Sponsored Campaigns

  • Easily integrate your own business rules

  • Back Office Customer Management is easy to use

  • Can be easily integrated on existing E-Commerce mobile Apps, Market Places and E-Commerce platforms

  • Shoppers reaction to Campaigns can be used to create additional Customer Segments with their own CLV.


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