We help regional and family-owned companies transform their retail business to remain competitive and drive profitable growth.



Complexity in Retail is growing at an accelerated rate. Merchandising Teams need to navigate this complexity, from evolving Customer Journeys to multiple physical and digital store formats. In this data and information overload, they have to be able to focus on what really counts to drive profitable growth.

Intelligent Merchandising Automation is bringing solutions to these challenges.

By marrying retail expertise with predictive analytics, retailers can  drastically increase the efficiency of their Merchandise teams.

We help our Clients automate their Merchandising activities, from Buying to Range and Assortment management, so teams can spend less time in analysis and more time in executing.


AI generated Alerts for Retailers

Among the hundreds of actions a Merchandiser can do in a day, focus on these that really grow sales, cash flow and margin


To Do for Retail Merchandisers

Use smart workflows in your merchandise process to track execution and plan working schedules across Business Units


Business Gains

Quantify the actual gains of each action to support decision making, and follow up actual gains achieved once the decision is executed


Assortment & Ranges

Monitor each sku performance by store and by channel, Control Distribution and optimise easily Item detention and clusters' performances


Automated Retail Reporting

Easily access performances dashboard and action oriented reports to easily identify low hanging fruits for sales, cash-flow and margin growth

Is Merchandising Automation part of your Digital Transformation Journey?