We are retailers by experience and at heart.

We are expert in Tech because it is today the best way to create value for Retail Data.

We were established in Bangkok in 2005. As former retailers, we started as a Training  Consultancy, with the objective of helping retailers and manufacturers pull their energies and efforts together in a more collaborative approach to delight Customers.

Over the years, we have had the chance to work across 3 continents with a diverse variety of retail business models and market environments.  And everyday, we are witnessing on the field  how the retail industry  continually evolves, technology  playing an always more important role. 

And  while we geared up for Retail Tech a few years back, our focus remains the same: help Teams and Business grow profitably to keep on delighting their Customers.


 Our Teams are a unique mix of former retailers with extensive international exposure and work scope with young talents.

We accumulate  over 80 years of retail expertise acquired across 3 continents and over 20 markets in Food, Non-Food and Consumer Health.


What makes us a special kind of retail consultants is that we do not only advise or recommend clients.


We accompany them throughout the execution phases until measurable results are achieved and align with the objectives.


We have a unique approach of  marrying technology  and retail expertise with Change Management.


We help local and regional retailers and their suppliers  build profitable and collaborative  growth to delight Customers throughout their Shopping Journeys


Our Teams, Mindset and Approach combined provide  main reasons to work with us.